The Picture Post

Why start a blog with something pretentious? Just by writing this word, you feel I’m already talking at you… but is that the point of a blog? The endless drivel of someone who would rather write than talk. I never set out to be creative or clever about blogging. I see it as an aid to look back on my experiences. (Ofcourse the module says I should write one) but it’s more than that.

do pictures say more than words?

I started out by being honest about my experiences. Even though I’ve been at placement less than a week, I can already see this as a career for me. Put simply, theres a difference between actually doing something than listening about a possible career. Doing is better than doing nothing at all. When you learn in classroom you get two different occurances. Those who enjoy the theory, who find it difficult to put it to practice or those who excel at practical elements but are limited by the theory. I’m the later. Even though I see theory as a necessary evil. For me, I will need to adopt the theory to progress further.

By talking to the teachers at College they seem to suffer with the first. They provide the knowledge of theory but the execution is handled by media technicians. I asked what they would recommend? They suggested studying a PGCE after my course.

“Blogging” is all about reflecting on your experiences. It’s a great tool as it acts as a metaphorical time machine. With pictures and words trying to fight for space it’s a technique which I’m still perfecting. From the first weeks experiences, I’ve learnt two conflicting mediums (pictures and words) can work together. Similar to “Theory” and “Practicality,” to progress I will need to understand the connection between the two.


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